Slavic Winter Courses

Winter 2019. Courses subject to change.
Slavic 2. Elementary Russian.
Slavic 5. Intermediate Russian.
Slavic 101E.  Advanced Russian.
Larry McLellan
Continued development of oral and written fluency. Special attention to development of reading skills through a variety of texts related to Russian culture. Systematic review of advanced grammar. Compositions, translations, and oral presentations required. Periodic screenings of Russian films.
Slavic 117G. Dostoevsky.
Arpi Movsesian
Intensive study of one author. Readings supplemented by select criticism. 
Readings and lectures in English.
Slavic 130A (same course as Art History 144A). The Avantgarde in Russia.
Sven Spieker
The Russian Avantgarde in its European context. The avantgarde and the revolution of 1917. Analysis of key figures and movements within the Russian Avantgarde.
Taught in English.
Slavic 145. Introduction to Slavic Language & Linguistics.
Katia McClain
Introduction to the history and development of the Slavic languages. Topics include dialects, language contact, sociolinguistics, gender issues, and language policy.
Taught in English.
Comparative Literature 252 (same course as Art History 296A). Graduate Seminar: Aesthetics.
Sven Spieker
For advanced undergraduates only.
Readings range from German aesthetic philosophy (Kant, Hegel, Schiller, F.W. Schlegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzche) to postmodernist response to the "death of art," and deal not only with attitude, taste, and quality, but their recent transformations into scanning, estrangement, shock, etc.