Slavic Spring Courses

Spring 2019. Courses subject to change.
Slavic 3. Elementary Russian.
Slavic 6. Intermediate Russian.
Slavic 33. Russian Culture.
Katia McClain
Analyzes crucial trends and issues in Russian culture in their historical, social, and technological settings, from the rise of Moscow in the fifteenth century to post-Soviet Russia.
All lectures and readings are in English.
Slavic 101F. Advanced Russian.
Larry McLellan
Continued development of oral and written fluency. Special attention to development of reading skills through a variety of texts related to Russian culture. Systematic review of advanced grammar. Compositions, translations, and oral presentations required. Periodic screenings of Russian films.
Slavic 121. The Russian Short Story.
Sven Spieker
Analysis and discussion of various forms of the short story by Russian writers.
Taught in Russian.
Slavic 123C. Twentieth-Century Russian Literature I.
Jeffrey Bellomi
Intensive study of particular authors, genres, literary movements, and selected topics in Russian literature from 1900-1954.
Taught in English.