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Hermann Hesse - Editionsarchiv
Volker Michels, Offenbach am Main

(Volker Michels)

Photograph by © Steffen Bock,1997


    Volker Michels works for Suhrkamp/Insel Verlag of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He established the Editions Archive in Offenbach am Main. Volker is the not only the editor of many books by and about Hesse, but also a highly published author and lecturer on a variety of topics about many authors besides Hesse. He is widely considered the foremost expert on Hesse's writings. Volker's wife Ursula Michels-Wenz is also an authority on Hesse, but is independently contributing to Suhrkamp's/Insel's program in a number of fields.
    Friedrichstrasse 16
    63065 Offenbach am Main

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