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[Bronze statue of Hesse by Friedhelm Zilly, Moos, unveiled in 2002 at Gaienhofen; Foto: G. Gottschalk]
Statue of Hermann Hesse
by Friedhelm Zilly
Im Bündt 13, 78345 Moos,

unveiled in the summer of 2002 in the courtyard 
between Hesse's old farmhouse residence in Gaienhofen 
and the present Hermann-Hesse-Hoeri Museum


[Hesses Bauernhaus, Gaienhofen, Foto: © G. Gottschalk, 2008]


The farmhouse  into which Hesse moved with his first wife Maria and where he lived for three years was restored and made accessible to the public in 1993. It was his "first legitimate studio" and is now being used as a museum.  The affiliated and larger Hermann-Hesse-Hoeri-Museum is located next door and serves as the location for a variety of cultural events such as concerts, lectures, readings, and seminars.

The museum sponsors a permanent exhibition of Hesse's watercolors and drawings. The emphasis and selection in the exhibition varies from year to year.


(View overlooking Gaienhofen with Untersee and Switzerland)

Photo by Günter Ottens, Gaienhofen, 1993

View of Gaienhofen with the Untersee (Lake of Constance)

and Switzerland in the background.


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