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 Steinkuhler Blätter
 Helmut Friedewald
Alte Markstr. 20
D-44801 BOCHUM


This is an excellent xeroxed monthly bibliography, an extraordinary private effort by Mr. Helmut Friedewald and supported only by voluntary contributions. Mr. Friedewald collects not only German, but also international bibliographical data and announcements, listings, and articles from professional journals and the media. The listings cover not only sources directly related to Hesse, but also to any other topics or authors who might be of interest to readers and students of Hesse, such as Hugo Ball and Gunter Böhmer among many others. Wherever technically possible, the Steinkuhler Blätter include facsimile reproductions of original texts, letters, and photographs.

 In June 1997, Steinkuhler Blätter reached their issue number 225. The last reference is numbered 18777. The bibliographical references are very accurate and professional. Whenever possible, Mr. Friedewald indicates availability, location, and price and/or the opportunity to obtain reprints.

I believe Mr. Friedwald's is a worthwhile contribution to Hesse scholarship. Personally I feel Mr. Friedewald should convert his material to a publically accessible computer data base, even though this would almost certainly reduce the personal touch which is evident in his attractive and informative mailings.

Gunther Gottschalk
Frankfurt a.M., July 5, 1997

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