Theodore Ziolkowski

The Novels of Hermann Hesse:
A Study in Theme and Structure

(Book cover)

(c) Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1965, 375 pp
ISBN 0-691-01272-5 (paperback)
ISBN 0-691-06084-3 (hardcover)
L.C.Card No. 65-10844

(The Table of Contents will be added later, permission pending)

"Just imagine some professor, a hundred years from now, preaching to his students: 'Klingsor, born in 1877 [Hesse's birthdate, ED], and his contemporary Louis, called The Glutton; innovators of painting, liberation from the naturalism of color; on closer scrutiny this pair of artists falls into three clearly distinguishable periods!' I'd rather die under the wheels of a locomotive today."

"It would be better iftheprofessors would fall under the wheels."

"They don't make such big locomotives. You know how petty our technology is."

(From Hesse, Klingsor's Last Summer, quoted by TZ at the beginning of PART 1)

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