Hermann Hesse

(Translated by James Wright, 1972)

Sleepwalker, I feel my way through forest and gorge, Fantastically around me a magic circle glows;
Not caring whether I'm courted or cursed,
I follow truly my inner calling.

How often that reality in which they live
Has wakened me and summoned me to itself!
I stood there disillusioned and frightened
And soon crept away again.

Oh, warm home that they steal me away from,
Oh, dream of love that they trouble in me,
I flee back to you down a thousand
Close paths, as water returns to the sea.

Springs lead me in secret with their melodies,
Dream birds ruffle their brilliant plumage;
My childhood rings forth as if it were new,
In golden strands of light and the sweet song of bees, There I find myself sobbing near the mother again.

From: Hermann Hesse: Wandering, Translated by © James Wright, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York, 1972,  ISBN 0-374-50975-1 (Noonday 420) -
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