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Conrad Rook's Siddhartha Film
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Mr. Winkler wrote to HHP on October 1, 1997:
Siddhartha will be released in Germany in a German dubbed version and the original English version.  In most other countries it will be with subtitles, in Italy probably dubbed into Italian.  You can of course refer people to me who are interested in the film, however I don't know myself when the film will be available in the US, this is Conrad Rooks decision. [...]
On October 31, 1997:
[...] It did open very well on 16th October 1997 in Germany.  The film will also be released theatrically this October/November in: Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Spain.  Italy will follow beginning of 1998. [...]

(Film image: Siddhartha and Kamala)
Siddhartha - Shashi Kapoor
Kamala - Simi Garewal
Govinda - Romesh Sharma
Kamaswami - Pincho Kapoor
Vasudeva - Zul Vellani
Siddhartha's Father - Amrik Singh
Siddhartha's Mother - Shanti Hiranand
Siddhartha's Son - Kunal Kapoor

Produced, directed and adapted for the screen by Conrad Rooks
© 1972 Conrad Rooks
Photography by Sven Nykvist

Filmed entirely on location in Northern India, the holy city of Rishikesh and on the private estates as well as in the palaces of His Highness the Maharajah of Bharatpur.

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