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If you consult the Yahoo directory by going under the heading "Recreation" and then the sub-head "Games", you will find a section devoted to "Glass Bead Game, The".

What I've done here is to take the Yahoo listings, and add in a brief description of each site, to help you find your way to the ones that are most likely to interest you. In alphabetical order, then...

  • Glass Bead Game, The []. This site contains Chris Severud's proposed GBG board and some further ideas for his "game in development". Chris also has some neat ideas about the GBG in education, and the next entry is an article of his:
  • Glass Bead Game, The [] - a multimedia concept for education.
  • Glass Bead Game, The [] This is Gail Sullivan's GBG page, which functions as a central meeting place on the web, for those who are interested in Hesse's Game and the various attempts to design "playable" variants on it. It also includes some of Gail's own writings about GBG design, and a wealth of links to other pages, some of which are not listed here.
  • If you look in the "Players" section under "Mark Line", you'll find a brief intro to an ambitious project to design a game with its own "conlang" or constructed language, very much along the lines of Hesse's "hieroglyphic language". Mark's game is not playable yet, but the theoretical approach he takes is fascinating, and his game should eventually come very close indeed to Hesse's.

  • Glass Plate Game Dunbar Aitkens has a playable game called the "Glass Plate Game", which is played "face to face" using numbered cubes, small color transparencies and "idea" cards with brief idea titles and images (sample card: "wavicle -- light as wave and particle" with an image of two wave forms / an arrow). It's basically a "conversational game" in Dunbar's words, allowing one to map the twists and turns of a conversation in interesting ways while it's in progress. There are regular "playing" of the Glass Plate Game in Oregon.
  • Hermann Hesse and Glass Bead Game Design This is an index to a group of essays on GBG design by Charles Cameron and others, and forms part of his HipBone Games site (see below).
  • Hesse, Hermann@ This is the existing Yahoo directory for materials related to Hermann Hesse and his work.
  • HipBone Games - games to enchant the spirit and stretch the mind, thus giving purpose to body and honoring earth.
  • This site contains the boards, rules, and some sample games from Charles Cameron's HipBone Family of Games, GBG-inspired games which include his "WaterBird" and "TenStones" games.

  • Intrachange - a working model of the Glass Bead Game. William Horden's playable GBG variant called "Intrachange" is based on a very clever "marriage" between Chess and the I Ching. You can find his game, complete and ready to play, at this site.
  • Magister-L - a mailing list for the discussion of games as vehicles for spiritual expression. Magister-L often features discussions of "GBG" design. Subscription details can be found at this site.
  • Manager as Mystic - for the most important management book for the 1990s, try fiction from the 1940s: Hermann Hesse's Nobel Prize-winning novel, The Glass Bead Game.

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