Albrect Altdorfer - Knight, Death, and the Devil

Albrect Altdorfer - St. Christopher

Albrect Durer - Joachim's Offering Rejected by the High Priest

Daniel Hopfer, Andrea Mantegna - Battle of Hippocamps

Elie Gericke - Young Woman on Chaise

Ernst Barlach - Urian Riding from Goethe

George G. Adomeit - Untitled

Hans Burgkmair - The Master Falconer

Hans Rottenhamer - Perseus Rescuing Andromeda

Harvey Leepa - Untitled

Kem Weber Airline Cabin Interior

Kem Weber - Airline Chair

Kem Weber - Dressing Table for Barker Brothers

Kem Weber - Kaufmann's Department Store, Dining Room

Kem Weber - Macy's Department Store, Bathroom Vanity

Kem Weber - Market Center Prototype for Union Oil

Kem Weber - Steel Furniture for Lloyd Manufacturing Company (1934)

Kem Weber - Walt Disney Studios Gate

Rudolph Michael Schindler

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Bennati Cabin, Los Angeles

Rudolph Michael Schindler - King's Road House, West Hollywood, CA

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Living Room of Charles H. Wolfe House

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Lovell Beach House, Newport Beach

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Oliver Residence, Los Angeles

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Portrait

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Puebla Ribera Court, LaJolla, CA (1923-1925)

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Schindler Shelter, Los Angeles

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Service Station for Standard Oil

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Summer Residence near Vienna Austria

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Warshaw House

Rudolph Michael Schindler - Charles H. Wolfe House

Rumpus Room, Churchill

Walter Leistikov - Waldsee (Forest Lake)

Welcome to Germanic, Slavic & Semitic Studies!

The philosopher Franz Rosenzweig once wrote that as many languages one speaks, as many times one is a human being.

Our mission is to teach German, Russian and Modern Hebrew, and to research and teach the literatures and cultures of the peoples living in these languages. We offer classes that address the highly complex histories and cultures of German speaking countries, Slavic countries and of modern Israel. While our classes are steeped in the histories of these different literatures and cultures, our faculty believes that studying the past has an impact on the present, and that studying the diversity of literatures helps our students understand the present in its complexity and with the many challenges of a globalized world.

About a decade ago, the Report of the Presidential Humanities Commission of the University of California noted that the humanities “can help all members of the university community, but especially students, learn how to negotiate our culturally diverse contemporary world in ways that are both knowledgeable and sensitive.”

It is such knowledge and such sensitivity that the acquisition of other languages and the study of their multi-faceted literatures develop and foster in depth; in ways that deeply impact the learner’s and researcher’s life.

We invite you to join us in our endeavor and passion!



ברוכים  הבאים!

Elisabeth Weber, Chair