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"Art as Therapy"

("Kunst als Therapie")

Hermann Hesse and Psychoanalysis

9th International Hermann-Hesse-Colloquium

May 8 - 10, 1997

Calw (Germany)

(View in 1994)

Hesse was born in the house directly behind the fountain, Calw, Marktplatz Nr.46.
The top of the fountain points almost perfectly to the part of the house occupied by Hermann Hesse's family.
This photo was taken by Gunther Gottschalk in 1994.

For a very old, rather grim photo of the place and some history, click on the above photograph.

Conference Schedule

The three-day colloquium, which usually attracts 400-500 people, features lectures by Ralph Freedman, among others. Its is conducted mostly in German, although we assume that Professor Freedman's lecture is in English. Most attendees do speak English. The colloquium takes place in the large auditorium of Hesse's native town of Calw which is in a most picturesque part of the Northern Black Forest. You are invited to sign up for susequent tours to Montagnola, Schaffhausen and Gaienhofen . We have posted a road map of the area Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Calw. Travel instructions will follow.

For more information write to Ms. Elisabeth Nagel, Coordinator of the Internationales Hermann-Hesse-Kolloquium Calw, Staatliche Akademie, Schillerstrasse 8, 75365 Calw, Postfach 1152 - Phone: Germany +7051-92290

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