German Undergraduate Spring Courses

Spring 2019. Courses subject to change.
German 2G. Intro to Reading German
German 3. Elementary German.
German 6. Intermediate German.
German 8C. Beginning German Conversation
Prerequisite: German 2
GER 101C. Advanced German.
Kelsey White
Speaking, listening, reading, and writing on an advanced level, while exploring contemporary German culture. Systematic review of grammar material. Additional focus on vocabulary building. Written and oral discussions based on newspaper articles, literary texts, German films, and websites. Topics will vary by quarter.
German 105C. Advanced Conversation.
Prerequisite: German 5
German 107A. History of German Culture.
Melissa Sheedy
Careful and close readings from the cultural history of German speaking countries. Materials, which may be revised each academic year, include documents from literature, philosophy, art, music, architecture, science, politics, and law. Taught in German.
German 114. Business German.
Kelsey White
Prerequisite: German 4
German is a key language in the European Union and the developing economies of Central and Eastern Europe. Speaking German greatly improves chances of success in today's global economy. Course in an introduction to the language typically used in business settings within German-speaking countries. It will better prepare students for business-related situations and will provide them a clearer understandin of German corporate culture by covering topics such as the application process, emails, phone conversations, meetings and business trips.
German 190. Proseminar.
Elisabeth Weber
Intensive advanced seminar on topic to be determined on a quarterly basis. Taught in German.
German 210 (same course as C LIT 279). Graduate Seminar in Critical Theory.
Elisabeth Weber
For advanced undergraduates only.
Survey of the principal issues of contemporary theory. Readings range from classic texts by Adorno, Bakhtin, Benjamin, Cixous, Foucault, Heidegger et al. to recent essays in the new cultural studies. In English.